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Friday, 16 June 2017

Water Sparingly

A boy and a watering can, that was our prompt image for this week’s Sepia Saturday challenge.

In response I came up with this snap of my late sister-in-law Gill, giving my son an impromptu shower in her garden in 1990. I don’t think he expected the water to be so cold, judging by the way he is sucking in his chest. I wonder if Gill had come across something like this illustration, which I found in the small Priory Museum in great Malvern a few years ago. See my 2012 post Taking the Waters.

I found the picture below online* and it appears that the kindly zoo keeper is giving the penguins a shower, not actually watering them to enhance their growth.

Similarly, at our own agricultural museum, El Patio, here in Lanzarote, I snapped this moment where it appears that the duck is about to be watered. In reality I think the attendant is simply waiting patiently for the duck to pass through the gate so that she can continue with her chores.

See what others have come up with in response to our prompt by joining us over at Sepia Saturday.

* Although this image appears in numerous sites on the web I have been unable to identify its source or a credit for the photographer. Happy to do so if someone knows.


  1. What a great selection of watering can images! Somehow they didn't feature at all in my family photographic activities.

  2. What a great segway from watering cans to web footed foul! Thanks!

  3. That photo of your son getting a cold shower reminded me of when my ribs could be seen.

  4. What fun images of things you don't expect to get watered with a watering can. The duck probably would not have minded a little sprinkling.

  5. Cute pic of your son getting a watering can shower. And I love the duck!

  6. A 'rose' by any other name...

  7. Nice matches. Actually I think the world needs better watering cans. I've never had one that worked well.they seem to go off-balance when filled.

  8. Brilliant! Perfect fit all around.


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