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Saturday, 19 March 2011

Doing My Own Thing

After a working lifetime of planning, clock-watching and decision-making, one of the chief pleasures of retirement is to do as I please, when I please and with whom I please. Though it has to be said, as my retirement is shared with my husband, whose last working day was the same as mine, he is my companion of choice for most leisure activities. We were determined that we would also enjoy our own space and precious 'Me Time' and not be like other early-retiree couples who live in one another's pockets. So, he goes off with his walking group or to watch the rugby in local bar with friends, and I have the house to myself.

We have his 'n hers computers, as he is wedded to his PC and I am a Mac devotee. We occasionally find ourselves side by side in the study clattering away (in his case) and gently tap-tapping in mine. We moved to Lanzarote for the sunshine, and he enjoys chatting with members of various local forums online. This in turn has led to new friendships and a wider social group than we had when we lived in UK. When the clattering becomes too much I remove myself to another room to indulge in one of my creative hobbies or read. I have always loved to sew and I am 'learning' my new whizzy sewing-machine and discovering all the clever things it can do.

I never had time to write creatively when I was teaching, although I constantly had to judge the literary efforts of children; now I can indulge my whims at last. The blog is a new departure for me so we will see where it leads.