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Sunday, 10 March 2013

After the Storm

After the Storm, Playa Blanca, Lanzarote, March 2013

All night long we heard the crash and roar of waves upon the rocks,
Reaching a crescendo at dawn and encroaching on our dreams.

With the rising of the sun, came the lulling of the storm,
And an end to restless sleep and fears of shipwrecks.

We clung to the lifeboat of hope and the rafts of a new dawn,
The driftwood of despair now buried in the shifting sands.

Time to open the shutters and breathe the salty air of a new day,
Feel the hushed breath of the balmy breeze.

A new day begins; the warmth infuses our morning bones,
We stretch and listen sleepily to the calm, familiar lapping waves.

And now we smile and knowingly admit our thoughts,
Safe at last, we share a smile of confidence and relief.

© Marilyn Brindley

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  1. Oh the joy and peace we feel at the end of a raging storm! Lovely poem!

  2. The calm after the storm. This image does suggest that peace.

  3. Nice when someone truly uses shutters for there real purpose! thanks-

  4. As a youth (long ago) I would camp at San Josef Bay, a wilderness site on the Pacific Coast. You capture the feeling well.

  5. What joy and relief to see the calm after the storm. Great poem here!

  6. At last we smile and knowingly confide our thoughts,
    Safe at last,we share a smile of confidence and relief

    There's light at the end of the tunnel, so they say! It couldn't be better! Nicely Marilyn!


    1. I've edited those last lines Hank as I didn't like the repetition of 'confide' and 'confidence'. So you see it could be better! :)

  7. Beautiful....love the ballad!
    That is what it sounds like to me...a song!

  8. I enjoyed this one, Nell. How I long to "Feel the hushed breath of the balmy breeze." It's freezing here, today.

  9. Just in time to head down the beach and see whats washed ashore !, gday

  10. We certainly heard the waves crashing last week, with a SW gale blowing straight onto the rocks then onward, carrying the low rumbling noise through our open window.

  11. That feeling of knowing you made it through a rough blow really is just as you describe ... 'And now we smile and knowingly admit our thoughts,
    Safe at last, we share a smile of confidence and relief.'

  12. As soothing as the calm it portrays. Really nice!


  13. You drew me in..I long to be there!

  14. I could feel the troublesome and mischievous rage of worry and fret over yet another storm, and but then, as quickly at it rose, all was calm again, as morning came again. Lovely journey Marilyn.

  15. Very nice - it's a perfect picture!

  16. "A new day begins; the warmth infuses our morning bones" Ah Marilyn, you have been out of the country for too long.

  17. Uplifting words Marilyn made me sigh with pleasure.

    Anna :o]

  18. Oh, perfectly captures that feeling of after a storm. And particularly nice in your part of the world, I imagine, because it will so often be followed by sunshine and warmth.

  19. we spend a lot of time by the sea and you've captured many nights really well

  20. Confidence and relief are good feelings to share. Perfect depiction of a stormy night!