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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Golden Couples

Today is the Golden Wedding Anniversary of my brother and his wife. I was a bridesmaid and I can’t believe it was fifty years ago - I bet they can’t either! We’re all grandparents now.

My sister-in-law’s faux-fur trimmed train was a nod to the chilly conditions of a February wedding, but fortunately the sun shone and everyone had a lovely day. I believe my sister-in-law made her own wedding cake. They were married in the same church where I would be married seven years later, and where our parents worshipped for fifty years.

Mention of the parents reminds me that our own parents had long and happy marriages and so set a good example to us all. The family has its share of divorced and separated couples, as do most, but my parents made it to their Platinum Wedding (seventy years) and my parents-in-law to their Golden Wedding, as did my grandparents, before one partner passed away. My sister-in-law, sadly lost her own mother just three years after the wedding, just as her first grandchild was being welcomed into the world.

Here are my grandparents cutting the cake (made by my sister-in-law) at their Golden Wedding, as featured in my post Golden Years, and my parents at their own Golden Wedding; cake also made by my S-i-L.

And for good measure, here we are at our Silver Wedding - guess who made the cake - and celebrating our Ruby at the largest telescope in the world on La Palma, in the Canary Islands. Just a few more years before we join the ranks of our families’ Golden Couples.

Join us this week at Sepia Saturday, where the prompt image is couples, very appropriate so close to Valentine’s Day.


  1. When you get older, 50 years ago doesn't seem so much like ancient history as it one did. In 1968, I thought anything from 1918 was a really old antique.

    1. This is so true. 100 years now seems almost like yesterday.

  2. Congratulations on the long term marriages!

  3. Marriage seems to agree with your family members. Boy, those cakes are beautiful. Happy Valentine's day!

  4. So glad to see happy couples enjoying long marriages! I'm hoping you will soon have pictures of your brother's 50th.

  5. My husband & I will celebrate our 50th anniversary this summer and you're right. 50 years seems almost like 5 sometimes. Other times it seems like 150! But mostly they've been good, sometimes very eventful years! I think one of the reasons we've weathered the years together is we give each other space to be ourselves as well as being a couple. For the independent person I am, that has always been important so I
    'lucked out' as the saying goes, in marrying the right person for me. Having had the patience to put up with me for 50 years he hopefully feels the same in reverse? :)

  6. Golden & Paltinum wedding aniversaries how wonderful

  7. An excellent selection of family couples! I love the fur trim on your sister-in-law's train -- and those cakes! Nice Ruby photo of the two of you :-)

  8. Wonderful photos that preserve more than just one moment but thousands and thousands.

  9. Are you the bridesmaid on the left? I hope we make our 50th in 6 years time but I always think it's not good to tempt fate. My mother bought herself a lovely golden gown the year before she and Dad were due to celebrate their 50th but sadly Dad was subsequently diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and passed away just a couple of months before the date arrived.

  10. Good to see all that happiness lasting so many years!


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