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Sunday, 16 February 2014

A Lucky Escape

Although he said she set his soul on fire,
And still the sparks of passion seared red hot,
He could not quench the flames of her desire,
In spite of giving everything he’d got.
At last he felt he’d rather risk her ire,
And break out from this tangled lovers’ knot.
He told her that his love for her was dead,
Then made good his escape when she saw red.

And when she found her sweet advances spurned,
Rejected now, frustrated and depressed,
There was no rage like love to hatred turned,
She gave vent to the feelings she’d suppressed,
His letters full of hollow promises she burned,
Destroyed his gifts, his photos and the rest,
Looked into the mirror, liked what she saw,
Smiled to herself and closed the bedroom door.

© Marilyn Brindley

Fire Escape Universal Studios Lot. Instagram by sessepian
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  1. Very nice rhymed verses. Enjoyed the story.

  2. Skillfully rhymed response to the prompt; well done.

  3. Delightful rhyming...excellent...

  4. That is very clever. I can relate to the content too way back in my young days.

  5. "This morning , the unidentified ashes of an exhausted looking man were found among the rubble of apartments destroyed by fire .....what appears to be female remains were clinging to said exhausted man, who appeared to be handcuff to a still red hot iron bedstead .... The identities of the victims can not be confirmed , dental records from South America have been called for..."
    Gday there , L- Nell, long time no see, this ine really got me foing, cheers

  6. Ah yes, she is singing a sweet song of happiness now!

  7. Oops, was also going to say, that I've missed you here, and was so pleased to see your name!

  8. Very much enjoyed this! I recall smashing a thing or two in my spurned days, too!

  9. Better to be rid of someone like that sooner than too late! Only had one that ever frustrated me to this point. Long ago, but once spurned, never forgotten! Definitely better off for the loss!!!

  10. Those fire escapes come in handy! What a fun, fiery poem!

  11. Well done. I enjoyed the read and the rhyme ...clever.


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