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Monday, 6 April 2015


Stepping out from church with Cissie,
In my Easter Sunday Best,
Little bonnet decked with flowers,
Clutching Bunny to my chest,
Holding tight my wicker basket,
Wondering what will happen next.

One white sock needs hoisting up,
And Mary says my shoe’s undone,
Daddy wants to take our picture,
This isn’t really any fun.
I just want to run to Mummy
Go home for my hot cross bun*.

Daisy says it’s time to leave now,
We’ll be there in just a while,
After lunch there’ll be surprises,
Something sure to make me smile.
Chocolate eggs to fill my basket,
Rounding Easter off in style.

©Marilyn Brindley 2015

* Hot Cross Buns are a traditional British Easter food.

I have memories of dressing up for Easter and when I was small my Great Aunt, living in America, sent me a new dress and gloves to be worn to church on Easter Sunday.

This piece was inspired the photograph at the top of the page and posted by Tess of Magpie Tales creative writing group. 


  1. You've captured beautifully the reason for the look of uncertainty and reluctance on the little girl's face

  2. Every boring sunday has a chocolate egg lining ...or at least it should !

  3. Sprightly, smart and witty - quite enjoyable.

  4. lovely write...shame that hot cross buns seem to be on sale in the UK most of the year now.

  5. This is lovely! I was trying to avoid the hot cross buns this year. Didn't happen though!

  6. What a lovely poem! I remember as a child always getting for Easter a new outfit sewn by my dressmaker mother. And how "proper" we were in those days with our white socks, Mary Jane bar shoes, white gloves and hats.

  7. The white shoes add to the outfit. I remember seeing little girls with white socks and pink shoes at Easter.

  8. Oh so cute! Reminds me of my childhood!
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  9. Nicely done! I wanted to buy Hot Cross Buns this year but did not find any that were "High fructose corn syrup" free. Bah! I'll make some later this week! Cheers!

  10. Poetry written with the weight of memory. Wonderful read

  11. Words and image perfectly matched

  12. I had gloves like those. They were scratchy, but they were so pretty and dainty.

  13. I just adored this! I opened it earlier, really thinking it was your very own, not knowing it was for Tess, but then it hit me, I saw it was indeed for The Mag, and quickly closed it. Now that I've written mine I'm back! This sure hit home for me too from the good old days of childhood!

  14. Oh......I simply love this poem. Leaves a welcomed taste of Easters passed.....

  15. Lovely ...a special great to see sweet little Easter you...