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Friday, 17 June 2016

A Christmas Koala

A Koala is for life, not just for Christmas. Except these two obviously weren’t. They were a Christmas gift by a kind member of my family and were passed on when we moved house, probably to the grandchildren, but I’m not sure. The pictures are from twenty-four years ago.

And if you think that was cute and kind of funny, what about My husband got? Chocolate hedgehog anyone? We’re such a fun-loving family.

Join us this week at Sepia Saturday, where other contributors will have come up with a far better  match for the prompt image.


  1. That sweet little Koala is adorable. I can almost cuddle it in my mind and feel it physically. Not so sure about the hedgehog though - although I have seen and held some pretty soft cuddly hedgehogs. Not real, of course. :)

    1. No need to worry, Gail; the hedgehog is long gone as well - in our tummies - difficult to resist chocolate in any form.


  2. I brought a fluffy Koala back from Australia, but forgot to share it in my post. Never mind, I will keep it in reserve in case koalas make a return visit to Sepia Saturday!

    I enjoyed all your pictures and would have made short work of that hedgehog – I love chocolate.

  3. People buy toy koalas thinking they are an Australian souvenir but these days like all stuffed toys they are made in China, which is why I don't give them as presents, unless i can find a locally made one at a market say, perhaps a hand puppet for example.

  4. A gift of a Koala is very nice but I'd prefer a bottle of Kahlua. Much more comforting!

  5. Cute cuddly. When I was small the toy koalas were made out of real fur - kangaroo or rabbit I think. A no no these days.

  6. Chocolate hedgehog??? I wonder what prompted that purchase.

  7. Lovely photos, I'm sure my sister had a similar koala and baby, definitely looks familiar. A friend got a beautiful high-heeled shoe made out of chocolate for her birthday - just didn't seem right to eat it. That thought lasted all of 5 minutes!

  8. We have a biscuit jar in the shape of a lion which growls "get your hands out of my cookie jar!" every time it is opened. It's a nice memento of my great aunt who loved to bring it out for visiting children, and we wouldn't get rid of it. :)

  9. Indeed, very funny, good to have a giggle. My daughter has still a Panda bear received from her grandmother when they were promoted by the world wildlife protection.


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