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Friday, 6 November 2015

Haunting Images

In this photo my son appears to be standing on his ghostly twin, as he peers through the bars of the balcony on our 1981 Corfu holiday.

In 1949 my husband is cuddled by his sister whilst some kindly spirit has bathed them in ethereal light.

In 1963 as I posed with my parents in front of Wordsworth’s Cottage, the ghosts of William and his sister Dorothy seem to be peering out of the bedroom’s leaded window. Fanciful perhaps, and probably just the reflections of the clouds on the small pieces of glass, but who can tell?

In 1968, as we prepared for my grandparents Golden Wedding, my mother appeared to be conjuring something up. Her cousin is trying to waft it away, and I’m pointing in amazement at something which seems to have bitten my ankle. What this picture also conjured up of course, were the memories of our 1960s council house kitchen, and my father’s penchant for painting things orange. It’s a good job you can’t see the wall behind my mother - not ghostly, but ghastly - wallpaper with large orange flowers!

And finally, here’s my own little ghost, knitted for last year’s Hallowe’en decorations. For more ghostly goings-on, float on over to Sepia Saturday; it’s sure to lift your spirits.


  1. Some great double exposed pix! And I love your little knitted ghostie! Wall paper with large orange, pink, blue, & chartreuse flowers were big stuff in the 60s. Thank goodness we came to our senses!

  2. These are all interesting shots. It is funny how we used to get double images in pictures because we would forget to move the film forward in the camera.

  3. I think there is a crowd upstairs looking out of that leaded window, not cloud reflections :)

  4. I'm with Kristin -- it's a whale of a party going on up there! Your little ghost is a wonder!

  5. That first photograph is great! I'm not sure about seeing people at the window although others obviously are more convinced.

  6. The 1968 photo is a scream. I think we all have some action shots in which people were caught in some crazy pose making us wonder, "What in the world?" I also like the one of your husband in 1949 - that flash of light guaranteed he would forever be the focus of attention although he probably would have been anyway. Babies always are.

  7. Orange? Oh no. Although the wallpaper description does sound familiar. And there is something very humorous and curious about a Knitted Ghost. (Both words have a silent letter.)

  8. There does seem to be some hocus pocus going on in the kitchen. And I see that crowd in the window too. :)

  9. Orange is a bright happy colour :)
    My fathers boat was always orange and I always wanted him to change it but he always said it was a safe colour.......not sure that principle applies to kitchens :)

  10. A bit of this, and a bit of that; an interesting pot pourri.

    1. And it's nice when a post brings a contact wiyh an interested person.

  11. Oh you could DEFINITELY submit the picture of Wordsworth's ghosts to the Fortean Times! As you say -.... who knows......????
    I love this post!


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