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Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Entanglement

Suddenly, impulsively, he turned,
Enfolded her, possessed her.

Planted his lips on hers,
Claimed her, bewitched her.

Quickly, passionately, she yielded,
Absorbed him, immersed him.

Opened her mouth to surrender,
Drank him, drained him.

Protectively, thoughtfully, his arm,
Cushioned her, rested her.

Possessively, greedily, her hands,
Clasped him, imprisoned him.

©Marilyn Brindley

This is a response to an image posted by Tess Kincaid at The Mag. 
The image is courtesy of Joseph Lorusso


  1. The pace here heightens the passion...

  2. Oh my- I think she completely made him disappear! Hehehehe! She, so utterly consumed by love (and web making, ha ha!) and being the hungry and greedy hairy-lass she is, she just couldn't help herself!

  3. perfect capture of the essence of this moment

  4. I don't know what kind of tea they serve here, but I'd like a cup please!

  5. A perfect beautiful moment!

  6. i like drank him and drained him.

    you like me, stuck on the passion, and not on the cup that was going to fall and smash.

  7. So much on the edge here, Nell!

  8. This comes in staccato bursts, it overwhelms! Whew! Nicely Little Nell!


  9. Whoa...get a room! Ha! Fun and sexy

  10. Perfect words and rhythm.
    Although, personally, I think he is looking for a half slice of toast he dropped down the back of the seat. Call me a romantic, if you will. But you probably won't.

  11. You've given such passion to this scene!

  12. Whew! You sure did describe that passion well. Wonderful! It is fun for me to read the different takes that you, Karen S. and Helen have on these prompts.

    Kathy M.

  13. Lots of passion in the rhythm of this poem.


  14. wow- fast paced and so passionate!

  15. Can't wait till later...when they're alone? Whew...

  16. she imprisoned him...not good, bad for a future relationship. YIKES!!! where is this heading next? only the author knows the sequel.

    Initiated Kiss

  17. I really liked this devouring aspect, Nell . Thanks

  18. It's enough to put you off your cake! Delightful poem.

  19. PHEW! [*sits down & mops his brow*}

  20. Ooooh! I love the sound of this raw passion. Pity one can't venture back in time....*sigh*....lol


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