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Thursday, 4 October 2012


Waking early before the dawn,
I tiptoe tentatively into the warm morning air.
That moment of peace,
before the household stirs 
and stretches its sleepy limbs.

The air is still, no birdsong yet,
No breath of wind to gently shake the leaves.
That moment of calm,
before the sun appears
and spreads its morning warmth.

The sky is dark, no street lamps glow,
No clouds to shield the moon or smudge the stars.
That moment of wonder,
before the mantle is discarded
and a falling star is glimpsed.

©Marilyn Brindley

This is my contribution to National Poetry Day, where the theme is 'Stars'. This really happened to me a couple of weeks ago.


  1. How lovely your images here are, and especially your line
    No clouds to shield the moon or smudge the stars- smudge the stars....quite a stunning thought. I could sense myself walking through this poem-a very nice piece.

  2. Reminds me of an early October morning in England. I like it

  3. My favourite time of day, Little Nell, and you've painted it in words.

  4. Hello Marilyn:
    You capture so well here the mystery and intrigue that is an Autumn morning as it slowly breaks into day. And, delightfully, the magic of a falling star.....if only we had more time to stand and stare how many more tiny miracles would we witness in a day?

  5. I'm not up that early, but you have described it so well that I feel as if I was there.

  6. A special moment of calm and wonder in an otherwise more prosaic day.


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