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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Dragonflies Draw Flame

"As Kingfishers catch fire, dragonflies draw flame” Gerard Manley Hopkins
As I pulled on one of my dragonfly-embellished tee-shirts this morning I was reminded of why my fascination with these creatures began.  Here in Lanzarote there are certain times in the year when the garden is alive with them.
Life imitating art
 If you zoom in you can really appreciate their iridescent beauty. You have to be quick to capture them on film as their delicate wings are a blur in flight. They move from plant to plant in the garden and settle with seeming ease on the very tips of the agaves.

 What a pity their lifecycle is so short, but what pleasure they bring in their brief moments of existence 

Our house has become something of shrine to the dragonfly, and I surprised even myself with the number of dragonfly-themed artefacts we have.

Dragonflies literally drawing flame as candle-holders, a garden ornament and as a tifanny style lampshade.

A tactile wall plaque 
And as for self-adornments, what a collection of brooches, earrings and pendants.

Just a few of the earrings and buttons
I love this pendant bought by my daughter
Art imitating life

And my favourite of all, this tiny bejewelled notebook, another gift from my daughter
Even the pages are adorned with dragonflies
Carmi atWritten.inc has given a challenge of thematic photographic this week of ‘Flash of Colour’ and I think this fits the bill, so I’m linking here.


  1. Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog - I'm so glad I've found yours! I'm going to take some time this evening to go through lots of your posts.

  2. I share your dragonfly fascination. A beautiful collection you have! I once saw a TV show about tattoos, a lady had a very detailed large dragonfly on her arm. I loved it (though I could never have a tattoo) and that's when my interest started.

  3. Cute dragonflies!
    Have a sweet day!

  4. Look what I came across by accident today

  5. Ah Luce.Thank you! I feel that should be mine.

  6. Dragonflies are one of my most favorite bugs....and all these photos are just dreamy really...great sources for a fine collection of "flash of color"!so many colors so little time right!

  7. I really like the two closeups of the real dragonfly, amazing shots.

  8. I've commented on other posts that nature's co;ours win. Dragonflies prove the point every time. Drab ones don't exist.

  9. Those shots of the live dragonflies are superb - they are difficult creatures to photograph!

  10. How lovely! I have tried to take dragonfly pictures, with little success. This is a great selection.

  11. I like your take on the theme. Great dragonfly captures! (here via Thematic Photographic)

  12. I think I've finally met someone who loves dragonflies as much as me if not more!!! I'm always buying jewelry or something with dragonflies on them. I try to take pictures of the real thing but the darn things won't hold still!! Your collection is beautiful!

  13. My house is called Dragonfly Cottage, so I really loved this. Also, I was able to find a set of the Dragonfly tactile plaques. Thank you. Diana

  14. I really enjoyed this because my house is called Dragonfly Cottage. I was able to find a set of the Dragonfly Tactile Plaques that I saw on your site. Thank you. Diana


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