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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

But is it Art?

I can’t claim responsibility or kudos for the above creation, but its quirky humour appeals to me. An opportunist artist has used the local volcanic rock to design this beast. I won’t name it for fear of depriving you of the pleasure of arguing amongst yourselves what it is meant to be ......as indeed have we! Found with its friend (below) along the coast between La Santa, and Famara, here in Lanzarote, I can’t help but admire the sculptor who has seen the art ‘within’.

The outline below, discovered in the crater of Montana Cuervo, has the hallmarks of childish naivety. In this crater, people spend many happy quiet hours wandering amongst the ancient fallen rocks and lava bombs, just as a family might on a beach. So perhaps it brought out the inner child in this artist.
The curious rock formations and dried flora in the landscape often remind us of something else, in the manner of seeing faces in the clouds or the flames of a living room fire. So what, if anything,  do you see in the shapes below?


  1. In the first picture,I see a giant tortoise sans shell.In the second, a beast having a bit of a Munch-esque 'scream' moment. Third-I see a moose's head!

  2. Having seen them in the "flesh", the first looked like either a rhino or elephant, while the second was definitely a dragon, with a flickering tongue. They were both the result of someone with a good eye for the original rock before they embellished it.

  3. It is most certainly art. And isn't Lanzarote an amazing place - packed full of unbelievable images.

  4. Ah yes Caminante, but what about the ones below those two?


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