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Friday, 8 April 2011

What Will The Day Bring?

At last I can finally admit that I am a retired person. The first year took some getting used to, as I found myself inevitably watching the clock and marking my day by recalling the rituals which hung on the hooks of time. As a Headteacher of a busy primary school I found my day sectioned off by the school bell, the timetable, the calendar and the appointments diary. Once the exhilaration of freedom from these constraints had worn off, I found that I was still measuring my day by a self-imposed, and wholly unrealistic, school time. Oh, it's 9.15, time for assembly. They'll be just coming out to play now. I wonder what they'll be doing for the Easter Service....and so on. Once that first year had passed however, I began to relax a little and, as everyone said it would, I found that the thoughts of my working life receded as my new life of retirement became busier.

My parents, and grandparents before them, had warned me that, "You'll wonder how you ever found time to go to work." This has indeed proved to be the case, as evermore I found the demands of a part-time 'job' I'd taken on for interest's sake and to keep the old grey-matter from seizing up, began to be intrusive and a subject for resentment. I fear it will have to go! Now I am rediscovering old hobbies and pastimes from my younger days, as well as trying out new ones.


  1. There's something about the school routine. I had no gaps from it from the age of 3 until 31! Now I stay at home to look after my sons. After three years I still feel that tiredness at 2.30 pm waiting for the last hour to pass before the pupils leave.
    My dad will be retiring soon, I dread to think how he'll fill his time. I wonder if my generation will be able to retire (I'm 34)...
    What new hobbies are you indulging in?

  2. See my very first post in this blog. I am a martyr to technology, a bit of a gadget queen. I'm returning to my handicrafts, mainly sewing, and have started another blog here called Picking Up the Threads, where I hope to record my progress. There's never enough time to read, especially other people's blogs, which are fascinating. I Iike to write poetry too, though the muse is not often upon me and there's been nothing since the Bluebell poem in my last post (written last November) apart from a few lines in my husband's birthday card.

    You are the same age as my daughter and I fear you may be right about retirement, but I'm pleased to hear you are at home with your boys. I didn't go back to teaching until my son started school and I treasure that time together with them.


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