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Wednesday, 30 March 2016


David Ligare: Still Life with Grape Juice and Sandwiches xenia1994

The sour grapes, the bitter words and spite,
The vicious tongue and angry voices raised,
The jealous texts and phone calls every night,
The drunken spats and rows, with venom laced,
The poisonous jibes that always lead to fights,
The sulks, the comments barbed, the glowering face,
The shredded nerves, emotions made so raw -
This had to be the end; the final straw.

But now we have the breaking of the bread,
Now we eat our words and pride is swallowed,
For now we do not tear, but share instead,
Now our solemn vows are kept, and followed,
Gone the poison virulent, on which we fed
Gone the pain in which we wallowed,
Now some tenderness we add to leaven
Our sweet bread  - and raise a toast to heaven!

© Marilyn Brindley 2016

Joining in with this weeks Magpie Tales where Tess gives us an image to inspire us with our creative writing. Back to good old Ottava Rima.


  1. A difficult rhythm, and rhyming scheme combined with metaphor and message.

  2. An age old Easter thought! Well done!

  3. Brilliant! I love the clever play with words and images that suggest both bad human behavior and the forgiveness/acceptance/peace of communion.