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Sunday, 20 January 2013

Skipping Rhyme

Image courtesy of Tess Kincaid 

At seven years our friendship stood,
We shared an apple and life was good,
All on a Monday morning.

At twenty years we’d dance and jive,
And it was fun to be alive,
All on a Tuesday morning.

At thirty years we’d tied the knot,
And started up the pension pot,
All on a Wednesday morning.

At forty years we’d children three,
And no more time for You and Me,
All on a Thursday morning.

At fifty years we’d snipe and snap,
And married life became a trap,
All on Friday morning.

At sixty years we made the split,
And said goodbye and that was it,
All on a Saturday morning.

At seventy years I’m all alone,
And I’ve nobody to call my own,
All on a Sunday morning.

© Marilyn Brindley

The image provided by Tess Kincaid at The Mag this week, reminded me of school children holding hands in a playground game and that set me off on skipping chants. It helps to imagine two children turning a long rope and with each verse one more child 'skips in' and then 'skips out' again until one child is indeed 'all alone'. For a fascinating look at the history of children's skipping and dance rhymes and chants, go to The British Library website where you can see video clips and hear archive recordings.


  1. Hello Marilyn:
    We can well see the inspiration for your 'skipping' poem in this delightful image and think that you have captured its essence cleverly. We were rather sad about the final decades, somewhat of a wet weekend!!!

  2. Awww...what a sand ending. The form, sort of like a skipping game with it's rhythm and progression, works well here with the story you set. I hope 71 brings something better for your narrator.

  3. Artful, deft and very wise...

  4. skipping along until the end- rather sad- I've seen it happen to good friends and you wish they could have sorted it out.

  5. An imaginative transfer from image to poem with all the pathos therein. "All alone" carries such emotion.

  6. With a few changes to the numbers it, unforetunatly, applies to far too many of us these days

  7. Such a delightful read, easily a song sung sad, in the end. I could see each line fitting my own shift through life and love, and how wickedly sweet love can turn so bitterly before we even know why! For some poor souls, sadly and in the end, are they the better off sitting all alone? I think not!

  8. I really like this, Marilyn, although it's a sad prospect that will become all too real for some.

  9. So sad! Wonderful word imagery!

  10. Life skipping along, clever how you tied the two. Thanks for the skipping song reference.

  11. How lovely! Thanks for sharing your poems with us xxxxx

  12. Sad and evocative.

    I liked this very much.


  13. Oh no! After all that time together? Got to say I love the rhythm of your poem.

  14. I love the story and the structure. The title! This is absolutely cleverly done - and emotive too, Little Nell. Thank you for sharing such a delightful poem.

    And I just loved your Great Aunt Maud.

  15. I love your interpretation! You aptly described a lot of modern-day lives. Our parents might have stuck it out but in the 'now' generation it seems most likely they would cut bait and end up alone. Well done!

  16. That skipped right into my heart that did! Has to be in my top five faves for this week!

  17. This little gem is a powerful entity indeed ! . Thanks Nell.

  18. Powerfully sad and very cleverly written.

  19. That's a good poem! A clever mix of the childish form with adult sentiment.

  20. Nell I just love the whole flow of this poem.....wonderful writing...it is a sad story,but it is perfectly and beautifully told!! :-)

  21. I loved this! And the juxtaposition of the sad story and sing-song rhyme made it even more wonderful. Well done!