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Sunday, 13 January 2013

A Knitting Yarn

Image courtesy of Tess at Magpie Tales

She likes to try the latest crazes,
Her efforts sometimes do amaze us.

She determined the craft of knitting to master,
The result, I’m afraid, was a woolly disaster.

She isn’t a very clever girl,
She knitted when it should have been purl.

At the sleeve she forgot to count the rows,
And only stopped when it reached her toes.

The other arm was far too wide,
As she found when she pushed her head inside.

Exhausted at last she needed a drink,
And sat for a while in order to think.

Completely swaddled in pink cashmere,
That’s when she had her big idea.

She’d market the garment as a Onesie-Knit,
For monopods, to buy as a kit!

©Marilyn Brindley

From The Nuremberg Chronicles courtesy of Wikipedia
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  1. a wooly disaster saved by the monopods! Hah!

  2. "Crazes" and "amaze us." It works! Nicely done.

  3. Ha! Nicely knitted.

  4. Could do well during the predicted cold snap.

  5. There must be a high demand for onesies in the monopod community...

  6. Fun ! I do not believe the cashmere idea-but I love your piece!

  7. You've got it all stitched up! Brilliant!

  8. What fun!! Enjoyed this one.

  9. I hope this photo doesn't show up on Sepia Saturday, but I love the ingenuity of the person who contorted herself into this sweater (?). Even more, I love your clever poem, so full of humor.

  10. cute. the last couplet is a hoot.

  11. Oh my heart just jumps for joy, and I do believe this song-like yarn (such a play on words and wit) it will sing inside my head all day long! What a joyfull delight! Bravo Marilyn!

  12. So clever...and the image was perfect, too.


  13. Maybe there is a market among the Mermaids of Antarctica! Fun write.
    BTW, loved the photos from the 'beachside' post.

  14. Ha! How funny. And in the end she was rather clever after all!

  15. I love this!! Your poem certainly wasn't a woolly disaster...:)

  16. Wow, these must be archetypal beings. But what do they represent- peak oil?. They live in " the amber spyglass" or one of its sequels too. Perhaps they are relevant to us now. Thanks Nell.

  17. lol......Hey! Hey! An absolute joy to read! You should patent the knitted Onesie idea, you never know when one may come hopping by.......!

  18. Can`t argue with that one. Well done!