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Monday, 20 February 2012

An Illuminating Conversation

Phone Booth by Sean Patrick Mahoney
Arriving after dark,
he makes the call,
to enlighten her.

She, at home, anxiously waiting,
imagining the worst.

He'd taken a wrong turn,
somewhere along the way,
and ended his journey here.

How does he explain
how lost he still feels?

Staring at the glass wall
of the phone booth,
he reflects on this Purple Passage

He clears his throat,
and tries to shed some light
on the cycle of their life.

© Marilyn Brindley

Taking part in The Mag 105 with Tess at Willow Manor. See how others interpreted that photograph by Mahoney.


  1. ah we move in endless cycles...and it takes a lot of effort to break out of them...and intentionality....

  2. Hi Nell,

    That song cracked me up! How awful; typical bit of male selfishness that just had to explain all the details of how it happened, lol. Love the photo and the poem too.

    Thank you so much for stopping by to visit and for the nice things you said. I appreciate you so much.

    Kathy M.

  3. Little Nell this is awesome....you certainly captured a situation that many a gal has experienced. Great writing here! :-)

  4. If only an old flame had attached a compass to his bike back in '85!! Can relate here a little! And as always, I enjoy a bit music to a post.....

  5. Nice...we've all been on the bike...or at home answering the call at one time or another haven't we?

  6. love the cycle...and the bicycle...nicely done and thanks for sharing your word

  7. I like this. Some nice wordplay in there.

  8. The song so suits your poem. Nice one.

  9. a phone call to ease the pain; any time of day or night.

  10. How does he explain
    how lost he still feels?

    What a world of meaning lies behind these words.

  11. That he can never go home again saddens me.

  12. Nice plays on words with the "cycle", and that "Purple Passage" is brilliant!

  13. A well matched duet of words and music...